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Space Environment and Radio Engineering Group (SERENE) at the University of Birmingham

SERENE was set up in April 2014 so is a relatively new research group in the School of Engineering at the University of Birmingham. It has been set up to develop a programme of internationally recognised, inter-disciplinary research to measure, model and mitigate the effects of the ionosphere on radio systems. SERENE is supported by a Chair that has been co-sponsored by DSTL and the Royal Academy of Engineering. It is expected that the group will grow the UK capability in this area and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Measure, model and mitigate the effects of space weather

Mitigation of the effects of the space weather presents a wide range of challenges. These require research into the specification and forecasting of the ionosphere and thermosphere, the radio propagation impact, radio instrumentation, assimilative mathematics and advanced computing techniques. The applications are as diverse as HF radar and corrections in low frequency astronomy exploring the origins of the universe. Mitigation also includes engineering designs to overcome and even benefit from the ionosphere.

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