Luke Nugent

Brief Bio

Following a BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Open University and a MSc
Mathematical Modelling at the University of Birmingham (UoB) I began my PhD,
also at UoB. My PhD includes developing methods for forecasting low-latitude
scintillation using physics-based and data assimilation ionospheric models. An
approach has been developed which demonstrates forecasting skill using output
from a physics-based model and shows a significant improvement in skill when
using the Advanced Ensemble Electron Density (Ne) Assimilation System
(AENeAS), an ensemble data assimilation model with a physics-based
background which has been developed at the UoB.

Current Project

I am currently focusing on models of over the horizon radar (OTHR) systems in
which high frequency transmissions are refracted by the ionosphere to allow
observations of locations which could not be observed directly from the
transmitter site due to the curvature of the Earth. An accurate characterisation of
ionospheric conditions is crucial to the successful operation of an OTHR system.
Therefore, the use of models such as AENeAS can be an important factor for the
success of such as a system