Our Research

SERENE undertakes world leading research across throughout the Space Environment

Upper Atmosphere Modelling

SERENE's primary research is based around the AENeAS, our state-of-the-art forecast model of the upper atmosphere

Extreme Space Weather

Providing rigorous mathematical estimates of the probability of extreme space weather events

Engineering Use Cases

We use AENeAS to provide solutions to Space Weather problems including GPS disruption forecasts, satellite orbit determination and impacts on HF communications


SERENE is a diverse team of academics, postdoctoral fellows, postgraduate researchers and masters students working together to deliver world class research.

Postdoctoral fellows
Postgraduate Researchers
masters students

The SERENE offices will be in the University of Birmingham’s new School of Engineering building (opening 2021)

If you are interested in joining SERENE then please get in touch. PhD applications are always welcome and we are happy to explore new funding opportunities for Postdoctoral Research Fellows


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