Hello again guys and gals! This week we are going to focus a bit on what Matthew does as part of our little PIOneERS family:

Hi everyone, I’m Matt Oxborrow, a recently graduated mechanical engineer working on the PIOneERS project. In the earlier phases of this project, I was in charge of the design and development of the MIKE ejection system. This ejection system is needed to ensure that the parachute deployed by the REXUS service module as it is coming back down to Earth, does NOT get tangled in our boom. This would be catastrophic as it would cause the whole sounding rocket with all the experiments on board to crash 😱 . As one might imagine … this is something we would prefer to avoid.

After that the design of our experiment was completed, after the CDR (Critical Design Review) last June, I am now in charge of manufacturing the mechanical and structural elements of the experiment. After the CDR, the main priority was to put the changes from the feedback into the design. These were relatively minor, especially when compared to the feedback we were given during the PDR back in February, so didn’t take too long to implement.

Next up was to finalise and draw out all the components that ZARM are going to manufacture for us. This mainly involved drawing out the dimensions for all the holes that are required on the nosecone adaptor plate. As there are 51 holes we need in this plate, this took quite a while! Next up was doing all the drawings for the components we need to manufacture. Some of these drawings were then given to the Physics Workshop in the University, however most of these components will be made myself, with some help from Ed and James of course!

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