Hi everyone! This week we’re looking at what Lucy, our third year mechanical engineering student, does in PIOneERS:

My role within the Pioneers experiment consists of designing, developing and manufacturing the fast deploying telescopic boom. It was around 9 months ago that I began working on this project with Jonathan, Matt and Mashiat, however it was only after PIOneERS got selected that the hard work really started.

The design of the boom began as basic sketches on whiteboard generated from background research and a brainstorming session with the other mechanical members of the team. From there it has continually been developed and improved. It is now at a stage where the design is almost complete and should be finalised once we return from the CDR (Critical Design Review) in just under a week.

Once everyone involved is happy with the design I will then begin to manufacture and test the boom.  The tubular sections are going to be manufactured from a carbon fibre composite pole, and the rest of the components will be manufactured from aluminium. The tapes are bought in components that have been tested to ensure they display the correct properties for use.

Following this I am really looking forwards to seeing all the different aspects of this project come together.

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